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Bangladeshi Residents of Japan

Around Japanese Language School form an alliance with Japanese Visa Application Experts represented by Hiroaki Kato and Mr. Mir Makio.

We are the only Japanese Visa Acquisition support service specializing in Bangladeshi run by Japanese Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists and Bangladeshi residents of Japan in all of Japan.

This service began from Mir Makio’s desire to not have any other Bangladeshi go through the trouble that he experienced in order to acquire his visa.

Kato participated in this work, being sympathized with Mir’s desire. And now, we offer a full support service for acquiring Japanese visas, including the support by Kato for reducing the burden of applying for a visa.

We hope from the bottom of our hearts that you will use this service and grab the opportunity to succeed in Japan.

Japanes Language Lessons and “Student Visa” Acquisition Support Service

Japanes Language Lessons and Student Visa

We offer Japanese Language Lessons for Student Visa application.

We support acquiring exchange student visas in order to attend Japanese language schools, vocational schools, and universities.

In addition to helping with enrollment procedures and scholarship applications, we can also help you look for places to stay and/or part-time jobs even after you arrive in Japan.

Four points of application for “Student visa”

  1. Applicant’s background (education, work experience)

What was your final academic background? If you do not have a bachelor degree you can not get a job in Japan (work visa is not permitted) English grades and GPA(Grade Point Average) A low GPA and English score reduces the possibility of acquisiting Visa. What do you want to study in Japan,? What do you want to do in Japan after graduation? It is important to show your ambition. It is necessary to go to the local Japanese language school and acquire a Japanese language learning certificate of 150 hours. As necessary, you need to pass the Japanese proficiency test such as J-TEST ・ NAT-TEST.

  1. About the sponsor

It is necessary to prove the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor (usually a relative such as a parent). The sponsor’s occupation and income, savings are important in visa review. (Estimated annual salary is 2.3 million Taka (3 million yen) or more, deposit savings 2.3 million Taka (3 million yen) or more. It is important that you prove the above with documents.

  1. Is your resume accurate?

If there is a mistake or a lie in your resume, your visa application isn’t likely to be permitted.
It may also affect your visa renewal application, visa change application, permanent residence application, your family’s visa application.

  1. Japanese ability

You need to study Japanese for 150 hours and have the certificate issued from the Japanese language school.
It is necessary to pass the Japanese proficiency test such as JLPT or NAT – TEST.
You must pass the interview of the Japanese language school in Japan and Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh.

Reasons To Choose Us

  1. Coordinated by a Former Bangladeshi

Our support is based on Mir Makio, who came here from Bangladesh 18 years ago and became a naturalized Japanese citizen 2 years ago.

He knows a great deal about both Japan and Bangladesh’s circumstances and can support Bangladeshis from a position of experience, so he is able to respond to even the smallest requests from our customers.

  1. Legal Support for National Certificate Holders

Not only do we have Japanese Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists with experience on hundreds of visa acquisition cases to help our customers acquire their visas, we also help our customers to enroll in schools or start their own businesses by assisting with the permits and procedures, something is difficult even for most Japanese people.

  1. Transparent Accounting

We provide our services with clearly defined fee structures right from the beginning.

If the need for additional services becomes apparent, rest assured that we will be sure to produce a new estimate and only begin work once you have approved the changes.

  1. Free Consultation

Once you approve of the various support options we provide, all of our consultations pertaining to procedures are entirely free up until you officially hire us.

We Also Handle Consultations via Skype if Necessary.

~ A Message From Kato ~

During September 2015, I was introduced to Mr. Mir and helped him to get his visa.

When I met with him to give him his visa, he told me about the many Bangladeshis he knew who dreamed of living in Japan, but that they often encountered difficulties acquiring visas.

Mr. Mir was very passionate about the idea of using his position in Japan to help make Bangladesh’s future brighter.

I actually visited Bangladesh, where I met and talked to many such people with dreams of coming to Japan. Now, in order to help Mr. Mir and the people of Bangladesh achieve their dreams, we are working together offering support for Bangladeshis who wish to study or start their own business here in Japan.

I promise that we will do our best to help as many Bangladeshis as possible be successful in Japan, so please rest assured and feel free to leave everything to us.

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Services provided by Around Japanese Language School

  1. Japanese language Lesson

Excellent Japanese language teachers offer Japanese lessons for you.
For students who are slow in learning Japanese, we offer supplementary lessons so that they will not be troubled with living in Japan.

  1. Issue a certificate of 150 hours Japanese language study necessary for Student visa

We issue the necessary certificate for applying for Student Visa.

  1. Support for Japanese language proficiency test required for Student visa N5 level passed

We offer special lessons to pass JLPT and NAT-TEST necessary for applying for Student Visa.

Flow from admission to visa application

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Step 1 
Contact Us
First of all, please apply by telephone, contact form, Facebook.
We will inform you of the meeting date and necessary documents.
Step 2 
Please ask about lesson and visa, anything is fine. Please feel free to ask us.
When you come to Around Japanese Language School you can see the classroom and the lesson. 
Step 3 
Admission Procedure
Please adequately understand the guidelines of Around Japanese Language School.
Please apply for admission and pay tuition fee to Around Japanese Language School.
Step 4 
Lesson start
You will learn Japanese at a level you can speak well enough for everyday living.
We will also support you to pass the JLPT N5 level.
Step 5 
Student Visa application
Our Japanese Visa Application Experts will support you.
The Japanese Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist in charge will prepare the documents and apply for your visa.

※ Rest assured that we will support your life in Japan.
※ The Japanese language school will apply for Student Visa.  We will prepare documents and mediate between you and the Japanese language school.

Prime Services for Applicants

Lifestyle Support

◉ Airport Pick-Up and Hotel Drop-Off
One of our staff will gladly meet you at the airport and accompany you to your hotel. We are happy to assist you with anything along the way, including translation, securing a method of transport, and meals.
◉ Residence Introduction
We can introduce you to a guarantor, which you will need in order to sign an apartment lease and establish a home base for your life in Japan.
◉ One Meal Per Month With a Member of Our Staff
One of our staff members will be glad to share a meal with you once per month if you so choose.
Feel free to make requests or share any dissatisfactions you may have with your daily life.Our staff will be glad to assist you in any way they can.
◉ Interpreter Introduction
We can introduce you to a special interpreter for hospital visits or any other issue you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we receive most often.
If you have any other questions not listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. Is it possible to come to Japan once before beginning the visa application process?
Absolutely. In fact, for those of you considering an entrepreneur visa, we recommend coming to Japan first at least once.
Not only will this help you with your business in Japan, it will also help you to get a firm idea of what running it will be like, including what it will be like to live here day by day.
We are happy to assist with securing a short-term 15, 30, or 90 day visa as well, so please feel free to ask us more questions.
  1. I’m concerned about being unable to speak Japanese
Not to worry. Mir is originally from Bangladesh, and he is here to help you with acquiring your visa and the process of coming to Japan.
After you arrive in Japan, we will also be happy to introduce you to an interpreter upon request. Our service staff is also happy to assist you if you have any questions or concerns about daily life here.

We’re here to help!

Md. Salim Gazi

◉ Around Japanese Language School Manager

After taking Master’s degree in Department of Accounting and Information systems under Dhaka University, I have started import business. I have 24 years business experience as a manager. Impressed by Japanese people diligence and Japanese culture that I experienced in Japan,I have established Around Japanese Language School to support Bangladeshi who wants to study Japanese language and grab the opportunities in Japan.

加藤 宏章 Hiroaki Kato

◉ Partner / Head of Visa Applications

‘Nationally Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist’
After graduating from university and working as a teacher at a cram school, I went independent as a certified administrative procedures legal specialist specializing in visa applications and founding companies. My goal is to help bring about a society in which anyone can try their best to make their dreams come true through entrepreneurship and business.
In visa applications, one of the most difficult fields of governmental procedures, I have a proven record of success with over 200 cases.

ミール正喜生 Mir Makio

◉ Partner / Bangladesh Side Visa Service Representative

I was born in Bangladesh and have lived in Japan for about 18 years, and became a Japanese citizen about 2 years ago. I am currently the manager and head chef of the cafe and restaurant “Around” along Wakamiya Odori in Kamakura City.
I own multiple real estate properties in Bangladesh, and have a broad network of contacts of CEOs among my relatives and acquaintances.

~ A Message From Gazi ~

Now I’m challenging another horizon/arena that to set up a Japanese language school named as Around Japanese Language School which is located at Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka to improve Japanese language skill to the students who seeks to study in Japan although not student but also business man, tourist, service holders, visitors etc.

My goal is to help increase Japanese language skill for Bangladeshi students through language teaching with the help from others i.e. native and Japanese sensei in our Around Japanese Language School.

Students or others professions who seeks entrance to japan, ultimately they can adopt in and adjust Japanese culture and environment promptly due to knowing the Japanese language.

I concretely believe that I am fit and confident to improve gradually through our Around Japanese Language School.

School Information

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School Building

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Once you approve of the various support options we provide, all of our consultations pertaining to procedures are entirely free up until you officially hire us.