Lesson plan and Fee

  1. Express plan

3 month completion course of 5 hours a day × 3 days a week [15 hours a week]

  1. Regular plan

5 month completion course of 3 hours a day × 3 days a week [9 hours a week]

  1. Super Express Plan

1 month half completion course of 6 hours a day × 5 days a week [30 hours a week]

Class contents

Around Japanese Language School located at prime area of Dhaka city near Gulshan, situated at Banaree, Rampura Dhaka.
Our Classroom is well furnished with audio equipment, sound proof and have original japanese educational material.

1. Quality native Japanese & Bangladeshi teacher

2. Update Book and sheet

3. Listening division

4. To each other/group conversation

5. Time to time monitoring for weak students

6.Well environment for teacher and students

7. JLPT & NAT related any update

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