Required document

Required document list

Required documents will change according to your situation, but the following are basic.

Basic documents

Visa application will be judged based on the submitted documents, you need to prove all in documents.

1.Documents certifying your history or identity for visa application
· Copy of your passport Photo page and all of page of your visit Japan before.
· Nationality certificate Document about register
· Personal history Address, name of school/company must be written precisely in official full name.
· Diploma, Transcript An original diploma from the institution that you last attended.
· ID Photos (4 sheets) 4cm*3cm  We can not accept color copy.
It must be taken within 3 months.
2.Required documents for company establishment and documents showing the actual condition of your company
· Signature certificate You need to submit your signature certificate for the establishment of the company.
· Bank account In order to apply for a visa, you need to prepare a company capital of 3.7 million Taka (5 million yen) and send it to Japan.
· Remittance certificate
· Revenue certificate You need to prove that you have prepared 3.7 million Taka (5 million yen) in capital.
· Employment certificate
  (Company transcript)
· Contracts You need to prove that your company can make your business successful on a continuous basis.

※Other documents required for you

※Original submission except for original only

※All documents are valid for six months.

※When you copy any documents, please use A4 or A3 paper (In case the document is bigger than A4)and copy clearly of full size with simplex printing.

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