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加藤 宏章 Hiroaki Kato

◉ Representative / Head of Visa Applications

‘Nationally Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist’
After graduating from university and working as a teacher at a cram school, I went independent as a certified administrative procedures legal specialist specializing in visa applications and founding companies. My goal is to help bring about a society in which anyone can try their best to make their dreams come true through entrepreneurship and business.
In visa applications, one of the most difficult fields of governmental procedures, I have a proven record of success with over 200 cases.

ミール正喜生 Mir Makio

◉ Bangladesh Side Customer Service Representative

I was born in Bangladesh and have lived in Japan for about 18 years, and became a Japanese citizen about 2 years ago. I am currently the manager and head chef of the cafe and restaurant “Around” along Wakamiya Odori in Kamakura City.
I own multiple real estate properties in Bangladesh, and have a broad network of contacts of CEOs among my relatives and acquaintances.

門嶋 博文 Hirofumi Kadojima

◉ Head of Business Support

I have participated in the Dream Gate entrepreneurship support project backed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, as a consultant specializing in entrepreneurship and company foundation for over 10 years, where I have assisted more than 100 companies. In addition to my own knowledge and experience, I also include a wide network of entrepreneurs, managers and seniors among my strengths.


Ai・Friends Gyouseishoshi Office(アイ・フレンズ行政書士法務事務所)
Hiroaki Kato
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