“Student visa” Acquisition Support Service

Student Visa

We support acquiring exchange student visas in order to attend Japanese language schools, vocational schools, and universities.

In addition to helping with enrollment procedures and scholarship applications, we can also help you look for places to stay and/or part-time jobs even after you arrive in Japan.

Reasons To Choose Us

  1. Coordinated by a Former Bangladeshi

Our support is based on Mir Makio, who came here from Bangladesh 18 years ago and became a naturalized Japanese citizen 2 years ago.

He knows a great deal about both Japan and Bangladesh’s circumstances and can support Bangladeshis from a position of experience, so he is able to respond to even the smallest requests from our customers.

  1. Legal Support for National Certificate Holders

Not only do we have Japanese Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists with experience on hundreds of visa acquisition cases to help our customers acquire their visas, we also help our customers to enroll in schools or start their own businesses by assisting with the permits and procedures, something is difficult even for most Japanese people.

  1. Transparent Accounting

We provide our services with clearly defined fee structures right from the beginning.

If the need for additional services becomes apparent, rest assured that we will be sure to produce a new estimate and only begin work once you have approved the changes.

  1. Free Consultation

Once you approve of the various support options we provide, all of our consultations pertaining to procedures are entirely free up until you officially hire us.

We Also Handle Consultations via Skype if Necessary.

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~ A Message From Kato ~

During September 2015, I was introduced to Mr. Mir and helped him to get his visa.

When I met with him to give him his visa, he told me about the many Bangladeshis he knew who dreamed of living in Japan, but that they often encountered difficulties acquiring visas.

Mr. Mir was very passionate about the idea of using his position in Japan to help make Bangladesh’s future brighter.

I actually visited Bangladesh, where I met and talked to many such people with dreams of coming to Japan. Now, in order to help Mr. Mir and the people of Bangladesh achieve their dreams, we are working together offering support for Bangladeshis who wish to study or start their own business here in Japan.

I promise that we will do our best to help as many Bangladeshis as possible be successful in Japan, so please rest assured and feel free to leave everything to us.

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