Student visa

Once you approve of the various support options we provide, all of our consultations pertaining to procedures are entirely free up until you officially hire us.



※ It varies slightly depending on the exchange rate and other factors. We always provide estimates and refund the surplus legal expenses and actual cost.


Service fee ৳125,000
Administrative fee ৳125,000
Actual cost ৳595,000~
Japanese language school (entrance fee, tuition fee etc. for one year) ৳555,000~
Certificate of Eligibility Certificate Application (Visa Application) ৳40,000~
Dormitory fee (half year) ৳180,000~
Destination introduction / procedure support ৳24,000~
Life Support Consultation Free
Introduction of agent, guarantor ৳40,000~
Residence Introduction ৳10,000~
Interpreter Introduction ৳10,000~
Part-time job Introduction Compatible
Information provision (providing latest information by email) Free
Information provision (various seminars, study sessions, exchange sessions) Free

Prime Services for Applicants

Lifestyle Support

◉ Airport Pick-Up and Hotel Drop-Off
One of our staff will gladly meet you at the airport and accompany you to your hotel. We are happy to assist you with anything along the way, including translation, securing a method of transport, and meals.
◉ Residence Introduction
We can introduce you to a guarantor, which you will need in order to sign an apartment lease and establish a home base for your life in Japan.
◉ One Meal Per Month With a Member of Our Staff
One of our staff members will be glad to share a meal with you once per month if you so choose.
Feel free to make requests or share any dissatisfactions you may have with your daily life.Our staff will be glad to assist you in any way they can.
◉ Interpreter Introduction
We can introduce you to a special interpreter for hospital visits or any other issue you may have.

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